What You Need to Know about Electric Bicycles


Today the demand for pedal bicycles is declining. People are now focusing on more comfortable, fun, and inspirational electric bicycles. The demands for these bikes are going up yearly because of their superior and powerful performance compared to their counterpart. With their ease of use and thrilling performance, they have captured the interests of riders which have made their demand to shot up, see Jupiter Bike Discovery X5. To meet the demands manufacturers of e-bikes have retaliated by flooding the market with numerous battery-powered bikes of all types. Therefore, if you are considering buying one you need to familiarize yourself with various types of electric bicycles as well as their ideal application. Here are some types of electric bikes and where they are designed to perform efficiently.

The electric mountain bikes are our first pick. These bicycles perform well off the road and trails. Electric mountain bikes are hardtails meaning they do not have rear suspension. This makes them uncomfortable for the street ride. However, they have a front suspension fork. The mountain electric bikes are designed to take up the hit of potholes making them reliable for trails. For high standard performance downhill, electric mountain bikes are ideal. These bikes are tough and made of durable materials that will withstand the test of time. However, downhill electric mountain bikes are relatively expensive compared to ordinary electric mountain bikes.

The other category in our list of electric bikes is the electric cruiser bikes. As their name suggests they are designed for cruising. They are meant to give the rider comfort and style. They have a comfortable rider's seat and high handlebars that are swept back a bit toward the rider, see this company. The pedals are mounted further forward to allow the rider rest feet flat on the ground at a stop. Electric cruise bikes have large flat tires approximately 3 inches although not as large as those of fat electric bikes. These bikes are typically for recreational purposes, fun, and leisure riding. Their large size and weight make them less maneuverable, especially at low speed. When you want to ride along the beach electric cruiser bike is your bike.

The other category is the electric folding bikes. These bikes are becoming quite popular because of their high portability as they can put in a very space in a car trunk. A good number of electric folding bikes can be collapsed in the middle of the bike. The bike is folded like a small package that can fit a suitcase. Therefore, if you are planning to carry your bike in a car, bus or train then an electric folding bike is there for you. The downside of these bikes is that they are relatively heavy. Those are some types of electric bikes we thought you need to know but they are many others so do more research. Read more at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electric_bicycle .